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> Anybody tow with Mazda Cx-5?
сообщение Apr 19 2018, 09:56
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I'm a bit of a 'lurker' on here and get loads of useful hints and tips, so hoping somebody may have experience of towing with a Mazda CX-5? I've got one to try for a few days but no towbar so can't sneakily hitch trailer up and try! It ticks all the right boxes so I could have it as my Company car and get rid of old Shogun (think its on its last legs). Only tow 1 horse, 16.1 TBX so weight shouldn't be an issue ...towing capacity of 2000kg and have a 511. However, it's the 2WD version, I only tow on roads and to venues with car parks so don't need 'off road' and probably only 6-10 times a year, but would be good to hear from anybody who has any experience?

Please help

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